Trust 2011

The annual award ceremony of the Prof. Dr. Marijan Hanžeković Trust was held on Friday, 9th December 2011.

In the regular category the 50,000 kn prize, the diploma and medals were won by Lei Hou and Jiarui Zhang (PhD candidates, Ludwig Maximilians University of Munich and Department of Economics, University of Munich and School of Economics) for the paper Multiple finances, margins of FDI and aggregate industry productivity.

In the student category, the 15,000 kn prize and the diploma was won by Alen Džanić (student of economics, Central European University, Budapest) for the paper Concentration of ownership and corporate performance: evidence from the Zagreb Stock Exchange.

The members of the award committee for 2011 were Mario Holzner (The Vienna Institute for International Economic Studies, Vienna), Ivo Krznar (Croatian National Bank, Zagreb), Kristina Šorić (Faculty of Business and Economics, Zagreb); Goran Vukšić (Institute of Public Finance, ZAgreb) and Katarina Ott (Institute of Public Finance, ZAgreb).

The awarded papers are published in the journal Financial Theory and Practice, No. 1/12.

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