About prof. Hanžeković

Professor Marijan Hanžeković, Ph.D., lawyer and economist, as well as Professor of literature and language, worked in almost all fields of economic science, especially in finances, the fiscal and monetary system, banking, securities and stock exchanges. He was born in 1915 in Požega, and he died in 1993 in Zagreb. He attended the Realgymnasium in Zagreb, graduating in 1933. He obtained a doctoral degree from the Law Faculty in 1938. In 1942, he took further degrees at the Faculty of Philosophy – in English Language and Literature with Old English, French Language and Literature, the History of Croatian Literature and German. He also spent four terms studying at the Economic and Commercial College in Belgrade.

He published about two hundred original and review papers, in the form of either free-standing publications or articles in professional journals, including some in foreign languages. An extensive biography and a selection from his works have been published in the journal Financial Practice (Financijska praksa), 18(3), pp. 173-358, 1994.

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