About the Trust

The Trust was set up in memory of Professor Marijan Hanžeković, Ph.D. Apart from paying tribute to the memory of Professor Marijan Hanžeković, the objective of the Trust is to promote financial sciences and to encourage scholars and experts, especially younger generations, to be engaged with this discipline.

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The prizes shall be awarded in two categories - regular and student. Papers can analyse the role and functioning of the public sector at macroeconomic, sectoral and microeconomic levels, in both advanced and emerging market economies. The qualities expected to be found in submissions are analytical rigour and creativity, as well as originality and technical proficiency.

The 2023 competition will be announced in January 2023.

The committee for the annual award of the Prof. Dr. Marijan Hanžeković Trust consisting of Vjekoslav Bratić (Institute of Public Finance, Zagreb), Milan Deskar Škrbić (Croatian National Bank, Zagreb), Tomislav Globan (Faculty of Economics, Zagreb), Katarina Ott (Institute of Public Finance, Zagreb) and Marina Tkalec (The Institute of Economics, Zagreb) has decided on the results of the 2022 competition.


In the regular category, the 50,000 HRK award, the diploma and the medal go to Tihana Škrinjarić (Croatian National Bank, Zagreb) for the paper "Introducing a composite indicator of cyclical systemic risk in Croatia: possibilities and limitations".


Because of the poor quality of the submitted students’ articles, there will be no award in the student category this year. 


The awarded article will be published in the journal Public Sector Economics.

About Prof. Hanžeković

Professor Marijan Hanžeković, Ph.D., lawyer and economist, as well as Professor of literature and language, worked in almost all fields of economic science, especially in finances, the fiscal and monetary system, banking, securities and stock exchanges.

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The deadline for submitting the paper was June 1, 2022.
The Trust will inform the prize-winners and the public of the results of the competition by September 30, 2022.

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Prof. Dr. Marijan Hanžeković Trust
Smičiklasova 21
10000 Zagreb, Croatia
Phone: (+385 1) 4886 444


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