The committee for the annual award prof. dr. Marijan Hanžeković Foundation consisting of Mihaela Bronić (Institute of Public Finance, Zagreb), Saša Drezgić (Faculty of Economics, Rijeka), Katarina Ott (Institute of Public Finance, Zagreb), Maja Vehovec (University of Rijeka, Rijeka) and Miroslav Verbič (Faculty of Economics, Ljubljana) has decided on the results of the 2020 competition.
In the regular category, the 50,000 kuna award, the diploma and the medal was awarded to Milan Deskar-Škrbić and Darjan Milutinović from the Croatian National Bank for the paper Design of fiscal consolidation packages and model-based fiscal multipliers in Croatia.
The student category prize, due to insufficient quality of submitted papers, this year was not awarded.
The awarded paper will be published in the scientific journal Public Sector Economics, No. 1/2021.
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