The Award Committee for the annual Prof. Dr Marijan Hanžeković Prize for 2003, consisting of Predrag Bejaković, Pero Jurković, Evan Kraft, Dubravko Mihaljek and Katarina Ott has made the following decisions:

  • First prize in the student category was won by Mladen Fruk and Ivan Huljak for their paper Testiranje Sharpe-Lintenerovog modela na Zagrebačkoj burzi (Testing out the Sharpe-Lintener model on the Zagreb bourse). The authors will receive a diploma and 10,000 kuna.
  • The papers that were submitted for the regular category were unsatisfactory in terms of quality and quantity and thus this year no prize was awarded in this category.
  • The paper Nacionalne vrijednosti i nacionalni interesi u informacijskom dobu (National values and national interests in the information age) was disqualified from the competition because in the reviewing procedure it was determined that it was an almost complete plagiary of the work “Knowledge strategies: Balancing ends, ways, and means in the information age” by William R. Fast.

The prize-winning work is published in the journal Financijska teorija i praksa, No. 4/2003.

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